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share. The "Sanic Hegehog" meme could be seen briefly as one of the many alternate Sonics that Flash struck with his finisher. It’s not really an ability he’s used to canonically affect the outcomes of fights . FANDOM. In the words of the comic itself, Sonic's speed is incalculable. Sonic’s Billionth Power Ring grants him a protective aura that both allows him to take more bouts of damage than he should reasonably be allowed to. Boomstick: Somehow, he's even faster than before, and he's totally invincible, like when he fought the demigod, and possible power drink, Enerjak. He must maintain vibrations at all times while time travelling, and can do at length without issue. This sounds similar to Chaos Control being able to reach the Chaos Force. Technically there’s some semantics you could bring up regarding scaling since Super Sonic has either never, either of these two characters when they were at full power (Enerjak is normally, Anyways, personally yes, Super Sonic scales to them. It's the ultimate sensation on the human body, and today, two of the fastest characters out there are being pit together. Wally likewise has total control over his atomic structure, so those tactics won't work on him either. Boomstick: No Apparent Reason Boners? Boomstick: But the Flash wasn't all gone. Worth noting that Mogul was a, Well, it’s not really clear to be honest. In terms of raw power, Wally has stood up to other League members and been compared to them. Image 1 Image 2. The Ultimate Annihilator is a weapon that can erase people or things from existence. The answer is a likely yes. Categories. Wikis. The beam itself also probably wasn’t moving at an infinite speed while it was following Sonic despite being temporal in nature (not that these matters cause Sonic has other infinite speed feats). Or perhaps assume a stronger connection to the chaos force might grant more knowledge than a single power ring. It also provided him with an internal aura that protected his life force, which allowed him to retain some bits of free will and personality even after roboticiziation. But, for some reason, Wally still felt unworthy of the Flash mantle. Games Movies TV Video. The Flash (Wally West) vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) Ohhhhhh boy. Heck, It can be implied he traveled to more universes in said issue since in a later issue Zonic says Sonic recruited, , though the original comic specifies it was. Impressive, but the Infinite Mass Punch could still deliver over two quadrillion times more power. This effect would destroy the, Essentially, the plan to stop this is to have Sonic use the power of a, Super Emerald to attract the time beam away from Knothole right when its time flow gets synced with the rest of the planet, . The hedgehog budges the Flash. Archie Sonic vs Wally West alternative ending joke. Popup: Chaos Magic has some limits, acquiring knowledge takes intense concentration with vague results. Robotization was originally created by Uncle Chuck as a medical treatment to make characters survive injuries or diseases they normally would not be able to. It’s not like a character like Domino or Gwenpool where their ability to manipulate events is very obvious and visibly shown to happen on camera in a way that’s impossible to mistake. Close. Personally, I’m not sure it matters. Shares speed with heroes in order to boost their strength to be powerful enough to injure the Anti-Monitor. So an infinity of infinity. You can probably argue about raw physical strength in the same way as Wally vs Superman, but Sonic’s chaos powers should be more powerful. Come on, man, look at everything you can do! Boomstick: Wiz, I ran to Jupiter! Boomstick: And remember, when Wally raced Barry, their speed almost tore apart the multiverse. Essentially, because of the events of Endgame and the Ultimate Annihilator being set off, Knothole was hit with a large brunt of energy from the machine’s beam. The character Zonic showing an overlay of, and “the Zone of Silence” it was shaped from was also. 5,064 490. Sonic doesn’t really have super potent atomic alteration abilities outside speculation, while Wally ses such abilities far more often. Oh, what a battle this has been! and while altered, they were fine(Heck Sally was actually revived). Chaos magic is typically used for one of three things: Increasing physical ability, providing lost knowledge, and granting wishes. This is a far better breakdown on why Wally would win than the actual Q&A, and i honestly think you did a better job not trying to downplay Sonic the entire time and give him a chance, without sacrificing the evidence for Wally winning. You know how I said in my Ben vs Hal retrospective that I thought the closest we could get to replicating the Ben vs Hal salt would be Amethyst vs Sailor Moon? 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 As Kid Flash 1.2 As DCAU Flash 1.3 Battle Record 1.4 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle … Add to Favourites. While Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest being alive in his universe and is capable of things that would make other speedsters blush with jealousy. Characters like Mogul or Feist, who use Chaos Energy, have been stated to have reality-warping powers, showing it is something Chaos Energy can do. 114 . This is the eighth DC VS non-Marvel themed episode, after, This is the fourth non-'Marvel VS DC' themed Comic Book themed episode, after. The Flash (Wally West) vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) Ohhhhhh boy. Well, it’s unlikely due to DC’s dimensional tiering. DEATH BATTLE! Boomstick: So, you're sayin' he'd never be able to do any of this if he was dumb. Given Ixis discovered and altered it over a period of time, and the fact that it grows larger over time, it's kind of hard to put a number to it for base characters. At least somewhat. Characters in Archie are not immune to time paradoxes as Sonic awoke after his multiverse collapsed affected by the change, and was affected by the Worlds Unite crossover being alerted via time travel. (He sips a beer). Correct, Sonic can restore stolen speed with, . Obviously, Super Sonic is comparable to Super Mega Man and has way more experience manipulating Chaos Energy than Mega Man does. Come on guys, just get a room, already. Boomstick: And a huge dork. Wiz: Simply put, Sonic's hypothesized nature as an anomaly in reality just wasn't enough protection against someone who could also break the rules of reality. He's quick enough to create tornadoes, cause afterimages, turn invisible, phase through objects, and boost past lightspeed in a blink of an eye.


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