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(Stranger still is the decision to shroud Miller, a gifted performer, in similar prosthetics: Why cast her at all if you’re going to hide her, and why bother working so hard to make her resemble Beth Ailes, a person who’s nobody’s idea of a famous face?) The former Miss America (a title she is referred by repeatedly by Ailes in the miniseries) is played by Naomi Watts. “The Loudest Voice.” Showtime. ... (2 episodes, 2019) Scott Z. Burns. Let’s hope all of those NDAs have some eventual expiry date. Certainly, on “, And in his personal life, conducted with gross and abusive indulgence and disregard, Ailes quickly comes to seem that most toxic thing to drama: Utterly predictable. The Loudest Voice attempts very hard to give its rather matter-of-fact storytelling a sense of urgency – it's nominally a drama show after all –, which just serves to highlight the shortcomings in the writing. She spent 11 years as an anchor, host, and interviewer for Fox. Brian Lewis was formerly the vice president of Fox News until his 2013 firing. Strong Language, Suggestive Dialogue, Sexual Situations. , one thinks watching him in this scabrous and unstinting look at Fox News. | And yet Showtime’s new limited series about the career and impact of Ailes, provides only half of the man’s equation. With Russell Crowe, Sienna Miller, Seth MacFarlane, Annabelle Wallis. It is a biographical book which came out in 2014 and deals with Roger Ailes, the president of Fox News Channel. Created by Tom McCarthy, Alex Metcalf. Retrouvez toutes … (uncredited), Emt Since his death, Elizabeth has largely remained out of the spotlight, though she still occasionally tweets and shares old images of her husband. It actually reminded me, in style, of House of Cards, but because it is a true story it kinda is more scary and weird. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Throughout his 20 years in the role, Ailes led the conservative news station through many landmark moments, many of which are documented in The Loudest Voice. But that’s a thesis, not a story. / ... Not only is The Loudest Voice a fascinating and eye-opening watch, it boasts a cast of some of the biggest names in Hollywood who have been eerily transformed thanks to hours of makeup and prosthetic work to look exactly like their real-life counterparts. (Watching in a control room, he sees an early Fox News anchorwoman in a demure pantsuit, and shouts “I like legs!,” a moment whose lack of finesse matches the network’s eventual, rather obvious visual playbook.) Kari Skogland. I really enjoyed this when I first saw it but I've gained a new found appreciation for it after seeing Bombshell butcher this story. His neglect of his wife (Sienna Miller) yields little, and while his chewing-up of his mistress (Annabelle Wallis) at least feels noteworthy as an attempt to grapple with an abuser onscreen, it also feels dramatically inert. But when she asserts herself in pursuit of her ambition, she’s exposed to the dark underbelly of her boss, forcing her to question how far she’ll go to get what she wants. Ailes’s mind is vastly ahead of his contemporaries — we see him, in an early conference, indicating that which a 2019 viewer will already know well, that Fox’s success will depend on its deep appeal to a narrow slice of the viewership. That he, say, is motivated by hatred of the left (especially Barack Obama), by paranoia, and by lust as dominance (or vice versa) is plainly evident to anyone who’s watched what his network airs during its nighttime opinion block. At any time, at any place when I call. Roger Ailes’ wife is twenty years his junior, a pretty blonde in the mold that Roger likes. In the miniseries, Australian-born media giant Rupert Murdoch is played by Simon McBurney.


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