these happy golden years summary
I agree that Mr. Barclay’s “heroe” was a hoot! What about West from home, when Laura goes to see Rose in San Fran? I guess this might depend on age and whether TFFY was always the last book rather THGY being the last, and TFFY an unexpected extra some years later (as it was for me). I do have a ‘discussion question’ though, and we’ve maybe gone into this already a bit earlier in the readalong, but here is is anyway: when you put down THGY with a sigh – and if you’re as soppy as me, a damp hanky – do you ever wish you’d never read TFFY? Eddie, And that Almanzo’s parents came to visit that fall? I’ll have to make Laura Ingalls Wilder a “friend”! I have to agree with everyone, that was pure genius. Laura being only 15 and a schoolgirl herself, is apprehensive as this is both the first time she has left home and the first school she has taught, but she is determined to complete her assignment and earn money to keep her sister Mary at her college for the blind in Iowa. Amazing detail – I absolutely love it! What?!? Oh, funny! Laura has a Facebook page before I do? The main characters of this classics, historical story … HAD to share! Laura becomes a successful school teacher, wins the heart of heroic young bachelor, and at the end of the book is set to. The first edition of the novel was published in 1943, and was written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. These Happy Golden Years Read-along – Chapter 3: One We... What Would Laura Do? Eddie, you are BRILLIANT. Speaking of other read-alongs… what about going back to the beginning, too? But at least these are tears of laughter! Why are Clarence and Martha tardy to school? Brilliant! Eddie, Laura's first day of school She was to board at the Brewster's shanty, twelve miles away, for eight weeks. How far is the Brewster house from Ma and Pa's? At the same time. Camp Laura Kids Know! What did you use? A: 1 mile. That always was one of my favourite LIW chapters!! I’ve gone back and looked at it over and over. And make me blush. We transition from girlhood to adulthood by having Laura slowly, but surly, fall love. My sister, who is in the same room with me, was giving me weird looks because I was laughing so much while reading this. As the novel begins, Pa is taking Laura 12 miles from home in the dead of winter to her first teaching assignment at Brewster settlement. But really … any 18 year old FBer would post drunken honeymoon pics. I keep noticing more things that are just such great little attentions to the details from the books and characters. That was awesome. Lots of attention to detail! C: 20 miles. Eddie, you totally rock. explains the long wait! The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 289 pages and is available in Hardcover format. But now I’m regretting they went for black cashmere instead of a delaine. 25 years after “These Happy Golden Years’ was published. She said it all. OMG, I’m dying over here, I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!! B: 12 miles. The horses’ hoofs made a dull sound, clop, clop, clop. What Would Laura Do?Well, click the link below to see what Laura would do if she had facebook! Drove me nuts! How did you think to make the whole thing so funny. How did you get all those ads, those different characters? And Mr Barclay’s “heroe”!! Previous Quiz Next Quiz > 1. I don’t know whether this would be of any use for you to adapt for your own projects but if so, you’re welcome to the word document I used, if you’re happy with me having your email address and someone at BLH would be kind enough to send it on to me. I think I read somewhere that there was a wedding dance later? Brilliant! Yes, but through the earlier books I fell in love with Laura and want to know “the rest of the story.”. I think Laura’s comments about being barely able to eat just capture what alot of us feel when we are leaving our parents’ home and striking out on our own. This shows how alot of conversations go with my neices and cousins when we hit facebook. When she started TFFY, I think she realized it would not be a good book, so left off, no more books. Arguably the most recognizable quote from the eighth book in the series and rightly so. TFFY is so distant from the rest of the series, understandably so since it deals with adulthood and wasn’t meant to go with the rest of the series. Im a librarian and have wanted to do something like this but ever fakebook I’ve tried didn’t work. I must say though, Caroline would surely have tasked Laura’s wooden swearing over her use of the word “darn.”, These Happy Golden Years, Chapter 33: Little Gray Home in the West. The worst part, however, was that "Mrs. Brewster was so unpleasant, Laura could hardly swallow (her dinner)." What’s the difference between Thackeray and Facebook? That's a long sleepover for someone who has never been away from home before. . The book is essentially a coming-of-age and a courtship novel. Why are Clarence and Martha tardy to school? Eddie, I am laughing so hard that tears are pouring out of my eyes, just as they did at the end of the book! In which Laura fans ask the eternal question: Just WHAT... Are you "Little House" obsessed? TFFY is so distant from the rest of the series, understandably so since it deals with adulthood and wasn’t meant to go with the rest of the series. Big Woods, LHOTP, Plum Creek, Silver Lake… we have much territory to cover! embark on her new adventure as a married woman. Eddie, I said it when I shared it on my facebook and I’ll say it again – you are a genius! Very creative. I read that she planned it to be an adult book which is perhaps why situations weren’t quite as sugarcoated as the earlier novels. I’m glad we have it, just like I’m glad we have On the Way Home and Laura’s other writings. . Daniel, I think the vote was for continuing through TFFY in the read-along. And I’m still curious, Eddie, about how you did that! Wish you had been able to come to LP. That was so beyond utterly too-too I have no words at all. Laura is going to live apart from her family for the first time. I agree TFFY is to hard for a read along. As to your discussion Question: I felt there was a reason laura did not publish TFFY, so THGY is really the last in the LH series for a reason. C: 100. I can imagine Pa saying something about people getting too dependent on newfangled technology like trains, kerosene, and social networking computer sites! I kept finding things that I missed. The school she is going to teach in is 12 miles away. A little wind blew gently from the south, but it was so cold that the sled runners squeaked as they slid on the hard-packed snow.


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