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Begin by reviewing this "How-To" booklet to make sure you are following the steps correctly. Still have questions? For example, did you ask *every* patient about their fluoride rinse habits?I'm not singling you out here. Act restoring claims to strengthen softened tooth enamel. How would using LTC compare to using regular Listerine followed by ACT (assuming I wait 30 minutes after brushing to use mouthwash to avoid counteracting the fluoride in my toothpaste)? Listerine Total Care vs Listerine + ACT. It strengthens soft spots to help prevent cavities. These ingredients seem to add a “cling’ to the solution. I noticed that Listerine Total Care doesn't have an ADA seal. Also the Act mouthwash that has a restoring effect helps if you are whittening your teeth and they are sensitive! I can't find a justification for what the inactive ingredients are doing *anywhere* on the web, not even on Chattem's own site. These are OBSERVATIONS that I noticed when working as a clinical dentist – actually a dentist that truly cared.I spent years interrogating patients about what they were using and LOOKING closely at their teeth to see what the outcome was – year after year.Go ahead and use whatever you like.How are your teeth?Ellie. ACT. In fact, this page is the only non-Chattem result that appears on google's first page; you are the only game in town when it comes to this question.Finally, although my teeth are irrelevant, I have been using a fluoride rinse for many years now and haven't had a single new cavity since I started. Why do none of the mouthwashes say they fight plaque anymore, they say fight bad breath only? ""These ingredients seem to add a 'cling' to the solution. Do you have any understanding of the chemistry of the inactive ingredients that make them perform better? Listerine Total Care vs Listerine + ACT. 9 … ACT Restoring mouthwash has fluoride in it aswell as minerals found in tooth enamel. Is one product better than the other? if I don't, they'll turn into full cavities and I don't need ANOTHER cavity drilled. Your experiences as a dentist are helpful, and even though they are anecdotal, I would have liked to see them in your original post (as opposed to references to 'cling'). ACT is a great brand, that is what I recommend to my patients. which is better? On something you use every day, that adds up. I know this post sounds a little flippant, but it's frustating to find such nebulous, qualitative statements on the internet — especially, since you claim to have real credentials. Listerine, Act and a few other less common ones. I also use (regular) … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash claims that it “restores enamel.” It is not possible to truly rebuild or restore tooth enamel, which, once lost, is lost forever.. Act Cool Mint Restoring Fluoride Rinse - 33oz. 9 … More oral care solutions from ACT ACT Anticavity – Superb Anticavity Protection. To contact Dr. Ellie, email How would using LTC compare to using regular Listerine followed by ACT (assuming I wait 30 minutes after brushing to use mouthwash to avoid counteracting the fluoride in my toothpaste)? There are no financial or personal ties to Johnson and Johnson or to Pfizer Corporation and the endorsement of their products is based on clinical observation, and independant ADA endorsement. It has the perfect dilution and ACT contains sodium fluoride (this is the most stable and well tested of all fluoride compounds). 4.6 out of 5 stars with 96 reviews. Act was the only mouth wash out of them all that killed all the problematic bacteria (the ones that cause bad breath and tooth decay, tarter). Unfortunately, in my line of work the following statements aren't really worth much:"[they] seem to make it work better than sodium fluoride alone. This is what I am my own family use all the time.I have absolutely no affiliation with this product. Past oral issues, will I have a heart attack in the future? When can I eat hard foods and chewy candy again after Wisdom Teeth Removal? I tried Equate and some other “similar” products and I do not believe they will work the same.I do not like the new Restore products either and they also contain alcohol. Both products are great for those who want to maintain a healthy mouth. The longer a dilute solution of 0.05 sodium fluoride is in contact with the tooth surface, the better job it will do of strengthening and repairing your tooth. I have suggested patients use the mint ACT for decades and seen the greatest results! Ready to start on my system? I also use (regular) Listerine twice a day (in addition to flossing and brushing). ACT restoring mouthwash or listerine total care? In the case of ACT there are many subtle differences between it and other kinds that may look alike. Act Rinse claims to make teeth stronger. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, is a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus bill passed by the 116th U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump on March 27, 2020 in response to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. ACT. JA. Thanks for your question,EllieDental Health for Everyone!26 Corporate WoodsRochester NY 14623, Tags: Dental Treatments:Fluoride Treatments. Is the cinnamon-flavor ACT as effective as the mint? )Why I do what I do!The reason that I work hard to educate people is to help them find a way to reverse or prevent dental problems.One day I will post video from the multitude of people who have been helped.I have kept their written testimonials – but these would be a lot more believable as video .My hunch ( not documented of course) is that they will have continued to use my system over all these years and years – because they love the results.This testimony may be convincing to you, I think!Until now, we only had visual critiques by dentists – who look and then notify their patients about cavities and gum disease.I write in my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye how bad these visual observations are generally.At least 60 percent of visually diagnosed fillings were not necessary in a study on this (looking and diagnosing – then extracting the teeth to check the diagnosis).Now we have better tools and bacterial diagnostics – this should help monitor EXACTLY which protocols work – and which do not! 2 3 ACT ® Restoring … Combined with anticavity and teeth-strengthening benefits, these mouthwashes help promote healthy teeth. I've used everything from the generics to Act Total Care, and I haven't really noticed a difference. The minerals in the mouthwash stick to weak spots of the enamel and allow themselves to soak in creating stronger teeth that are more resistant to cavities. ACT® Total Care is available in two versions: Icy Clean Mint contains 11% alcohol for an invigorating, cool clean feeling, and Fresh Mint for those who prefer an alcohol-free formula. Clearly, they're more meaningful statements from a non-dentist, but even if you're 100% sincere, there could still be holes. ACT Total Care – Helps promote a healthy mouth. This is where I come in. Supposedly they are the same – but I prefer the mint.The cinnamon has ingredients that are a little different.It probably doesn’t really matter but I remain a mint supporter.Ellie. My point was that you were making a recommendation without numbers to support it. !Since a cavity takes about 6 months to repair and about one year to form – a good ( forensic-type) dentist who is looking closely for damage – should be able to alert a patient that a cavity is forming – and then give them the remineralizing tools to reverse the problem without a filling.


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