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This will eliminate direct heat and flames from potentially burning the food, as well as eliminate potential flare ups caused by dripping fat falling onto your charcoal. A water pan goes above the heat source. If you use a smoker like a Weber Smokey Mountain (which you can learn more about in our review), your water pan will be directly below the meat, and directly above the charcoal. Water can be used to help in smoker temperature control. Target smoking temperatures are usually around 225°F. And if it's hot outside and the smoker is getting to warm, adding cold water will help keep the smoker temperature where you want it. Water evens out the temperatures in your smoker: Another benefit to using water in your smoker is that water serves as a heat sink and evens out the temperatures in your cooking chamber. This is because water can’t go above its boiling temperature of 212°F, or 100°C, regardless of how hot you try to make your smoker. If it's cold outside, you can add hot or boiling water to the pan, and that will help the smoker come up to temperature quicker. Here's why: 1) Water helps you keep the air temp down to 225°F, a temp I recommend you learn to hit with regularity (read my article... 2) Water helps stabilize the temp in the cooker and minimize fluctuations because water temp takes longer to rise and... 3) A water pan can block direct flame … Place a pan of water right next to a heat source and you’ll find the water temperature is consistently the same across the entire pan. If using a charcoal grill or charcoal/wood smoker, this pan would be placed above the coal area. You can as you suggest use it as a marinade bowl. Water pans help to stabilize your smoker’s cooking temperatures. Have an electric unit and you’ll find the pan over the electric heating element. This is especially helpful if your smoker can't quite do the job when it's cold outside. As I said in the question above, the original reason for the smoker water pan was to provide humidity during the cooking process to aid the development of the smoke ring and also to keep everything moist when doing a large hunk of meat with the cookout time being longer than most. There are a few reason to add water to the smoker water pan. Water Pan In a Masterbuilt Smoker In cold weather, a water pan filled with boiling hot water can help maintain the smoker temperature, plus it gets the temperature up quickly for a fast start. If you want to introduce a water pan on an LP/Gas Grill, this would be placed over the lit burners. Try this- (More science!)


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