unbroken book summary
But Louie was nothing if not a fighter. He lunged for the Bird and began strangling him. He once saved someone from drowning. She begged Louie to take her, but he refused, so Cynthia went by herself. “You can’t truly understand an individual unless you understand the world he or she inhabits,” Hillenbrand has stated. However, over the next weeks, starvation settled in, and the men were unable to turn their minds from food. Whether Jimmie was involved in the events that unfolded one morning in December is unclear, but it didn’t matter. They completed hundreds of hours of training without incident, which was significant considering that during their first three months of training, B-24 accidents had killed an average of nine men per day. Three days later, the fighter planes were replaced by six B-29s, and pallets of supplies started falling from the sky. Bullets zoomed past, leaving contrails in the water. from your Reading List will also remove any One hundred and eleven B-29s were swarming Tokyo to bomb an aircraft factory on the city’s cusp. He trained so intensely, he lost the skin off one of his toes. Louie stood still, barely able to hold himself up, and thought one phrase over and over: “I’m free.”. A Japanese corporal named Mutsuhiro Watanabe was in charge of disciplinary measures, and none of them, especially Louie, would be spared his wrath. His trips to Torrance had actually been visits to a large transmitter used to send information to the Japanese. He saw the wires entangling his body as the Green Hornet sank and waking to find them inexplicably fallen away. However, the biting weather wasn’t the worst thing about the camp. Finally, Louie and Phil were slated for transfer to an official POW camp in Japan. Many of the other athletes were from communities afflicted by the Depression, and they gorged happily. His tactics were so ferocious, Omori became known as “punishment camp.” The prisoners had many names for Watanabe, but the one used the most was “the Bird.”. When the American planes returned, they dropped hundreds of bags of food. He covered his mouth to muffle his sobs. Toward the end of the pregnancy, Louie experienced a night terror in which the Bird was beating him with the buckle. Louie prayed silently for the second time in his life. He experienced night terrors, flashbacks, and aggressive behavior. You want different levels of detail at different times. But as months passed with no sign of police and a summer spent traveling with the farmer’s son with no one recognizing him, Watanabe started to relax and felt a longing to see his family. Every night he dreamed that the Bird was abusing him, and every night he dreamed of strangling him.


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