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But in 1986, the tasmanian tiger was declared extinct by the government of Tasmania, after no “confirmed” sightings for 50 years… until now. Two sightings of the animal were reported in November 2018. ... 10/17/2019. The image he posted online has sparked rumours it could be a Tasmanian tiger; ... 2019 | Updated : 23:05 EST, 6 ... provided that the Tasmanian Tiger is alive. In a press release from the Tasmania Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, eight sightings of the thylacine have been reported since 2016, with two in 2019 alone. The documents include eight reported sightings of the carnivore, also known as a thylacine, from 2016 -2019. A large marsupial known as a Tasmanian tiger has allegedly been spotted several times in Australia over the last three years -- more than 80 years after the striped animal was declared extinct. Rumors of the mysterious creature’s continued presence have swirled in the decades since its extinction, including most recently, in October last year, when a Tasmanian government document detailed eight separate alleged thylacine “sightings” between September 2016 and September 2019. The Tasmanian tiger is thought to have gone extinct in 1936, but mysterious sightings suggest the creature might still be out there Aylin Woodward 2019-11-16T13:11:00Z Sightings of the Tasmanian tiger, a large carnivorous marsupial thought to be extinct since 1936, have been reported as recently as three months ago. Published Oct 16, 2019 3:32:15 PM (CNN) — The Tasmanian tiger, a large striped carnivore, is ... "People are reporting sightings of the Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct." Australian farmer Peter Groves said he was out walking near Clifton Springs in Victoria, Australia on January 4th when he encountered an unusual quadruped. Thylacine Research Unit - Sighting Reports - As featured on Animal Planet's Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger, TRU is a Group of Researchers, Scientists and Naturalists who have embarked on a quest to prove the continued existence of the Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger. The accounts vary from encounters lasting a … Latest Tasmanian tiger sightings In 2005, two German tourists to Tasmania, Klaus Emmerichs and Birgit Jansen claimed to have taken pictures of a live Tasmanian tiger. According to Groves, he managed to take out his cell phone to snap a picture of the creature, which some are saying is a …


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