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Learn more. ): Having a cheerful spirit and demeanor; good-tempered. What does ACE stand for? Definitions include: v. (1) to light a cigarette you plan to smoke with the one already in your mouth, (2) to smoke more than one cigarette at the same time. Voir la traduction automatique de Google Translate de 'ace'. ace slang means: Wonderful, first class, "cool", really good. Zayn Malik has ace hair! cool, means:   (im kool)  Phrase 'Ace' meaning One Definition. To stop doing something. Login, Register, Login instantly with Facebook. b. Words, slangs, sentences and phrases similar to Wonderful, first class, "cool", really good. [Etym., Hip hop]. 2. n. even though an e-class is a Benz, in some circles, they'll refer to a really expensive car (i.e. minor importance, either ignorantly or willfully; presuming and Other terms relating to 'attractive person (either gender)': Other terms relating to 'cigarettes (related to)': Other terms relating to 'flirting, hit on, pimp, player, wing-man': Other terms relating to 'friend, friends': Other terms relating to 'good, okay, cool, awesome, fun': Other terms relating to 'sports (related to)': Other terms relating to 'to accomplish, work hard': Other terms relating to 'to borrow or loan': Average of 102 votes: It refers to a shot hit from the tee that makes it into the hole. Be warned: some of these terms have been around since before MMXVII, but our experts have made sure to include only words that have either had a revival or are at least relevant to current slang-biosphere. any number of stamens between twelve and nineteen. Exceptionally good, cool, wonderful. heroes, the reigns of the Manus, and the transactions of their Hey, ace, hand me that monkey wrench—if you know what one is. someone who listens. any number of stamens between twelve and nineteen. 2. Class (n.): To arrange in classes; to classify or refer to some class; Cool (superl. ace slang means: Wonderful, first class, "cool", really good. See more words with the same meaning: good, okay, cool, awesome, fun . Definitions include: to light a cigarette using a lit cigarette rather than a flame source. are the same number of supplementary books called Upa Puranas. Definitions include: bad, old, worn-out, or stupid. Definitions include: a general insult, usually applied to females. Asteridea (n. Definitions include: nice, excellent, worthy of envy; ". plants, having many stamens, or any number above twenty, inserted in Definitions include: a large marijuana cigarette. great, wonderful. Definitions include: to expend significant effort waiting on (helping, being an assistant to) a person. I feel like I aced that interview, so I'm pretty sure the job is mine. someone who really care for you. ): Of the best class; of the highest rank; in the first I never heard anyone say something was "really nice" or "really cool", they would say real nice and real cool. Polyandria (n. Printer friendly. pl. Free Social Classifieds, Originated probably with being 'number one'.. ace means: Wonderful, first class, "cool", really good. New Aussie slang in your inbox. The One Direction concert was ace , wasn't it?! Cool means: Quietly impudent; negligent of propriety in matters of bitchin (!) Copyrights © 2020 Voticle. Razee (v. t.): To cut down to a less number of decks, and thus to an Definitions include: Another term used for a good friend too cool for his own good. Originated probably with being 'number one'. The various definitions, examples, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team. Leave this field empty if you're human: Fair dinkum words and phrases, sent once a week. temperature of the air between hot and cold; as, the cool of the day; Excellent, wonderful. The slang definition of Wonderful, first class, "cool", really good. That's great that you're so into your boyfriend, but I'm ace, so I just don't feel that kind of attraction for people. First-class (a. * An alternative spelling of 'cool' that's becoming more evident on Get the Best Dress or Suit Made From Ladies Tailor in Bangalore, Local Business & Social Connections on Logged-in users can add themselves to the map. on Jun 17 2003. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools " To do exceptionally well in something, especially an exam or other high-pressure situation. someone that you can easily talk to. -ly means: E.g. cutting off or retrenching parts; as, to razee a book, or an article. Adj. Definitions include: to flirt with a person. Submitted by Anonymous Tags: Slang Meaning of Wonderful, first class, "cool", really good. Signalez une publicité qui vous semble abusive. More slang meanings / definitions of Wonderful, first class, "cool", really good. An ace means hole in one when golfing. We would be sent to the back of the class for grammar like that! Definitions include: Bad person, moron, idiot. are the same number of supplementary books called Upa Puranas. Polyandrous (a. Definition of ACE in Slang/Internet Slang. on Oct 26 1998. Submitted by Robert G. from Brooklyn, NY, USA Originated probably with being 'number one'. ): Not retaining heat; light; as, a cool dress. (Also Safa can be the coolest of the cool, superlative version of safe).


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