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Besides, there are numerous other animals at Beijing Zoo, such as African zebras, American bisons, polar bears, giraffes, kangaroos and even elephants. The venue is a paradise for pandas, where they can live and thrive in a secure environment. The Panda House, created in the latter years of the 1980s, is a venue that panda lovers should not miss out when at Beijing Zoo. Animal pictures, Exhibits, Signage from Beijing Zoo 1. Our professional English-speaking guide and experienced driver will definitely save you time and make your trip a fantastic experience! Besides animals, Beijing Zoo also boasts of massive exhibition halls as well as other sites of historical value. There is plenty of bamboo, the favorite food of the cute panda. The cuddly and gentle giant pandas are subject to preservation, so that their population can grow back and provide new hope for this rare species. 1. Beijing Zoo is more than a paradise for animals. The only English information about the animals in the zoo are the names of species, so be sure to have your phone in hand if you want to know more. Beijing Zoo is more than a paradise for animals. Besides all the animals, Beijing Zoo also has some halls and exhibits. To make the city tour easier, many bus lines connect the zoo with other important scenic spots, such as the Summer Palace and Xiangshan (the Fragrant Mountain). There are plenty of structures and buildings to find in the zoo. The spacious hall is subdivided into several zones: the Hall of Tropical Rain Forest, the Hall of the Shark, the Ocean Theater and the Ocean Library and Reading Hall among others. You can find thousands of colorful and rare water species there, such as jellyfish (interesting and a bit artsy), Chinese sturgeon, sea elephants, man-eating fish, as well as sharks. 2. Beijing Zoo is easily reached by a number of public buses. We specialize in tailor-making tours to customer requirements. Here the visitors can touch the aquarium in which the dynamic ocean bottom is visible. The most popular is the Panda Hall. FAQ However, it is currently not open for public viewing. Of course, pandas are but one of the many animals that you can find. In the hall, the lush bushes and bamboo make the place similar to the wild habitat of the giant panda, in southwest China. People can tell where they are in the zoo by the unique appearance of their hall. from USD $469. Beijing Essence and In-depth Forbidden City Tour About six giant pandas are living at the Panda House now, looking fit and well-cared for. Beijing Zoo is comprised of 16 different exhibition areas and halls. Visit the Great Wall with Kids — Fun and Educational. Due to people's love for them and its endangered status, the giant pandas always receive "VIP" treatment wherever they go.


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