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Visualization. We start with related facts, and adopt a particular method of visualizing the relation. 3. Visualization is the art of capturing relationship between objects; Since our mind stores information as connections, visual diagrams help your audience to ‘get’ your message fast and retain it longer; To visualize information, start with bulleted sentences and remove the junk words to identify the keywords Visualization and meditation can create and reinforce a positive self-image that enhances the patient's determination to lose weight. visualizing in a sentence - 12 Lists. The visualizing list of example sentences with visualizing. Visualization tools facilitate visual exploration of Census data with reference to geographical location. Form gives height, width, and overall depth to artwork. Creative visualization, sometimes called rehearsal imagery by actors and athletes, may also be used. organoleptic properties and molecular visualization of selected flavor materials. Visualize definition is - to make visible: such as. They do not represent the opinions of Use Ralph Lauren's visualization tool to create your own color palette using their paint selection. Visualization is often present in guided relaxation exercises whether a person imagines walking in a field of rich green grass, a twilight forest or laying on a warm rock beneath a starry sky. But we do have a real-time 3D visualization of New Horizons passing through the Pluto system. Log in. Most people chose this as the best definition of visualization: The act or process of vis... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Visualization: Picture a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. 98 examples: Radio is where one may develop an argument, or follow its twists and turns… Parallel distributed computing excels in perception visualization and simulation: 3. visualization / Imagery-This technique combines relaxation exercises with the creation of mental images: 4. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. synonyms. Another form of visualization involves seeing all the anger in your body being released through your mouth and nose as flames. Remember that part of the reason you’re including these visualizations is to reach a wider audience. Then comes the process of visualization. (included, added) " She created a visual of the story in her mind. Another word for this is visualization. You can view and explore data using interactive visualizations such as an area plot, line plot, or scatter plot in static visualizations using other MATLAB plots.You can also make visualizations public and use the URL to embed them on websites. (2) Parallel distributed computing excels in perception, (6) Just as Sylvia had eventually to translate her, (7) Advances in microscopy may soon allow the real-time, (8) The program involves a combination of relaxation and, (10) Three dimensional hydrogen atom spherical harmonics, (16) ConclusionDouble lumen T tube enabling sinus, (20) Because when you attach the physical sensations to the, (21) The emphasis will be on widely distributed supercomputing and high-bandwidth, (22) Of course, all these titles like meditation, relaxation and, (23) Then build on that new, more positive freeze-frame with your, (24) Some athletes use hypnotic and suggestive techniques as an adjunct to, (25) You have to observe Wilkinson every chance you get so you can build as much reality into your, (26) In order to improve the efficiency of magnetic flux leakage(MFL) testing for tank floors, the flaw location, test data description and, (27) The method of planar region field density generation from collected scattered data and the color mapping methods of field density, (28) Finally, we implement a prototype system of an underground cable, (29) Simulationplatform has the Character of versatility, easily operating and, (30) Experimental results show this algorithm can set up plant organ with high fidelity, when used in virtual plant. Predicate 4. visualizing / examples. You’ll know the man when he arrives, he wears a jumper and is a keen skier. Subject 2. Creative visualization, for example, imagining a switch the child can use to control his fear when visiting the doctor or dentist, can sometimes be effective. Sometimes referred to as mental imagery, visualization causes certain areas of the brain to respond as if you are actually doing what you are visualizing. The study shows the visualization of shock wave propagation in an underwater explosion scenario. I want to tell a story using this excessive visual style. This visualization was named one of the most beautiful data visualizations of 2017. 3. Physical postures and mental visualization techniques employed in Yoga'd Up classes help children improve concentration, stamina, and fitness. Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy improves visualization of the anatomy, benefiting surgeons. Design a framework for visually representing sentences to be uttered. Visualization is key when it comes to making children's chore charts. Examples of visualizing in a sentence: 1. Visualization definition is - formation of mental visual images. 11. (powerful, strong) " Her description of the painting left me with a bad visual. Data visualization is the act of taking information (data) and placing it into a visual context, such as a map or graph. What is the definition of visualization? 2056442 She's also a visual artist. The visualization of valid and useful assumptions frequently makes the most serious … Hone in on the grandest visualization. Yoga Nidra Meditation: Chakra Theory & Visualization is by John Mumford, a respected authority on yoga and tantra practices. cerebral angiography Any of the current techniques is suitable for radiological visualization of the cerebral vasculature with Niopam 300. battlefield visualization at a specific time and place, creating a window of opportunity that is fleeting at best. How to use visualizing in a sentence. The visualization activity that works for you might involve picturing yourself relaxing in a beach or boat, or it might be an image of yourself standing atop the winner's podium after a tough meet. Learn visualization techniques or guided imagery. Recent Examples on the Web So with a dumpster in their front yard, a … Visualization definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. What is social visualization? By pointing out the most relevant information in the text, you can more effectively reach various types of learners. Dr. Fredinand Lamaze developed a method of visualization, breathing, massage, imagery, movement, and relaxation techniques that help women achieve a natural childbirth. To support these activities it also produces analytical and data visualisation tools. Visualization quotes from YourDictionary: I attack both from the logic-side, scribbling outline after outline, and the long-walk relaxed- visualization -side, and while neither alone is enough, the combination synergizes. How To Use Visualization In A Sentence? Examples of 'visualization' in a sentence visualization. Train yourself to disengage from the moment and engage in visualization when you sense feelings of panic starting to get the best of you. Now let me see how much visualizing you can do on that. For some women, meditation, guided imagery, and visualization can play a role in the treatment of oligomenorrhea by relieving emotional stress. We use photometric stereo for the capture, analysis, retrieval, synthesis and visualization of surface texture. CM Object 3. Some advocate the use of visualization strategies, in which patients are encouraged to visualize the immune cells of their body attacking and destroying the cancer cells. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Cronenberg maintains that a literal visualisation would have cost US 2. Visualization in a sentence. insolation patch and has less potential for visualization. In addition to aromatherapy, stress reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation, or creative visualization may increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. (2) Parallel distributed computing excels in perception, visualization, and simulation. In a sentence or two (or maybe even a paragraph, if necessary) identify the most crucial piece of information you want your audience to get from your visualization. 2. Visualization sentence examples visualization Many subjects with strong powers of " visualization ," or seeing things "in the mind's eye," cannot scry; others are successful in various degrees. Cue with stimulus words for background and other objects, and actions. The more detailed your visualization, the deeper your relaxation response. Visualization definition: the act or an instance of visualizing | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Now generate three words, it doesn’t matter what they are. Test out the power of visualization. Use the MATLAB visualizations app to visualize data in a ThingSpeak™ channel. Visualization definition: the act or an instance of visualizing | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Your instructor will usually provide the visualization while you are in class by saying things like, "You are starting to go up a hill, keep on going, you're almost at the top.". It combines literature and astronomy in an extremely original way: the first sentence of a literary work is always unique. It includes inspection of the external genital area and often visualization of the vagina and cervix by the introduction of a vaginal speculum. Presentations are known to mist speakers as natures natural laxative Two techniques that I have found to work are: Visualization. As regards scepticism concerning the faculty we may quote what Mr Galton says about the faculty of visualization: "Scientific men as a class have feeble power of visual reproduction.. Visualization is a very personalized relaxation technique, and the key to success is coming up with images that will work for you. You just enter a user or hashtag and can see a dynamic visualization of Twitter interactions. Look it up now! : Meshes comprised of hexahedrons are easier to visualize than meshes comprised of tetrahedrons.


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