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Die Johannesoffenbarung bzw. Launched:, 1994 DESIGNER:, Joel White LOA:, 74ft 0in LWL:, 59ft 0in BEAM:, 15ft 0in DRAFT:, 7ft 6in DISP:, 62000 lbs SAIL AREA:, 1800 sq ft SA/D RATIO:, 18.7... contact us about your vision for your perfect yacht. FS Helmuth Pehlke. Beiträge zum biblischen Menschenbild. One of the design office’s favorites from the archives, this 62’ sloop was designed in 1994 by Joel White, never made it to production. 1, Holzgerlingen 2017, 1575-1577, Ehescheidung II. ''He said that if a boat was scratched, that was part of using it. ''. Roman Ideology and Greek Aspiration, New Testament Studies 60, 2014, 499-510, Meals in Pagan Temples and Apostolic Finances: How Effective is Paul’s Argument in 1 Cor 9:1–23?, Bulletin of Biblical Research 24, 2014, 531-546, “Ehefrauen in den paulinischen Gemeinden”, in “HERR, was ist der Mensch, dass du dich seiner annimmst …?” (Ps 144,3). And he was not interested in self-aggrandizement. Peabody 2015, 67-92, 1 Corinthians and Work, in: Theology of Work Bible Commentary. Romans through Revelation, Hg. Paul House / Todd Wilson, WUNT 2/450, Tübingen 2017, 167-188, Philemon, Game Theory, and the Reconfiguration of Household Relationships, in: European Journal of Theology 26, 2017, 32-42, Ehe VI. Mr. White's best-known small boat was the Nutshell Pram, just under eight feet long, which could be sailed, rowed or used as a tender for a larger boat to carry people and supplies from shore. He built a 19-foot boat named Martha, in honor of his daughter, that his father sailed after adding his own touch -- carved dolphins, four on each side of the bow, decorated in gold. We’re certain Joel’s designs will continue to inspire our customers. Kontakt: Rathenaustraße 5–7, 35394 Gießen E-Mail: He was interested in form and how a boat performed. Mr. Angell said that Mr. White had resisted corporate offers for his boat business because he did not want to lose control over his creations. The boat could be sold as a kit with cut-out plywood parts. Despite being designed as a cruiser, her light displacement and hull form would make her an excellent racer. Beiträge zur biblischen Exegese. Armin D. Baum / Detlef Häußer / Emmanuel Rehfeld. Romans through Revelation, Hg. ), Jesus is Lord, Caeser is Not. ), Paulus und die antike Welt. Apokalyptische Literatur, Neuere Auslegungsansätze (Anti-Imperial Exegesis; New Perspective on Paul), Der Kolosserbrief, HTA, Witten/Gießen 2018, Die Erstlingsgabe im Neuen Testament, Texte und Arbeiten zum neutestamentlichen Zeitalter 45, Tübingen 2007, Het ene verbond achter de verbonden. An Attempt at Building a Firmer Foundation, in: Biblica 90, 2009, 305-333, Paul’s Cosmology. Dr. Joel White. vol. Old Testament and Intratextual Clues to their Identity, in: From Creation to New Creation. The Witness of Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians and Galatians, in: Cosmology and New Testament Theology, Hg. Working out of his Brooklin Boat Yard just south of Acadia National Park for the last four decades, Mr. White created dinghies, sailboats, power boats and yachts with a unifying design theme -- simplicity. War), died June 28, 1789 at age 83. '', The editor and writer Roger Angell, Mr. White's half-brother, said that ''he really was a Down Easter. Joel White, a naval architect and boat builder who was considered to be one of the country's foremost designers of wooden boats, died Friday at his home in Brooklin, Me. vol. Daniel M. Gurtner / Benjamin L. Gladd, Peabody 2013, 185-204 [Gewinner des Franz-Delitzsch-Förderpreis 2013, Institut für Israelologie, Giessen], „Peace and Security“ (1Thess 5:3). See the article in its original context from. WUNT 2/425. Brooklin Boat Yard has an exhaustive library of Joel’s designs ranging from prams to yachts. Essays on Biblical Theology and Exegesis. Design #50, she is based on a balance of simplicity and performance, resulting in a slender hull, with striking lines. We’ve built many of his designs, and we’ve used many as the basis for new yacht concepts developed and built for our customers. Jonathan Pennington / Sean McDonough, London 2008, 90-106, Baptized on Account of the Dead. The Eggemoggin 45 is based on an unrealized design from the Joel White archives. Wie die Bibel wieder zur Heiligen Schrift werden kann, Neukirchen-Vluyn 2012, in: Bulletin for Biblical Research 24, 2014, 138-139, Berger, Klaus, Die Bibelfälscher. He was 66. 5. Sacred Texts in their Socio-Political Context, WUNT 2.372, Tübingen 2014, in: Theologische Literaturzeitung 140, 2015, 621-622, Osborn, Ronald E., Death Before The Fall. Photos. Utrecht 2019, 46-61, Die lutherische Rechtfertigungslehre und die ‘Neue Paulusperspektive’, Biblisch erneuerte Theologie: Jahrbuch für Theologische Studien 2 (2018) 73-95, The Imprisonment that Could Have Happened (and the Letters Paul Could have Written There): A Response to Ben Witherington, JETS 63 (2018) 549-558, Ermahnt einander mit geistlichen Liedern (Kol 3,16): Die paränetische Funktion frühchristlichen Liedguts im Kolosserbrief, in: Mit der Bibel – Für die Praxis: Beiträge zu einer praktisch-theologischen Hermeneutik. One of E. B. Walter Hilbrands, Gießen 2011, 5-20, Anti-Imperial Subtexts in Paul. While at first glance it would be easy to mistake her for a classic, her advanced hull gives the performance expected from a modern yacht. FS Greg Beale, Hg. Hochschuldozent für Neues Testament. White and his wife, Katharine, who was fiction editor of The New Yorker. If you wish to contribute to this project it would be greatly appreciated. Please see our listing on YachtWorld for more information and pictures. 6:5), in: The Crucified Apostle: Essays on Peter and Paul. He was born April 6, 1705 in Windsor, CT, and died June 28, 1789 in Bolton, CT. Joel … Wie wir um die Wahrheit betrogen werden, München 2013, in: Bulletin for Biblical Research 24, 2014, 134-136, Müller, Peter, Der Brief an Philemon, KEK 9/3, Göttingen 2012, in: Jahrbuch für evangelikale Theologie 27, 2013, 276-277, Deines, Roland / Jens Herzer u.a. Die FTH fördert die Forschung im Bereich der Theologie. ''In a world gone crazy for gadgets and goo-gaws on boats, he preserved a sense of elegance and purity,'' said John Wilson, the editor in chief of WoodenBoat magazine, to which Mr. White contributed designs. We’ll continue to add more of Joel’s designs to this library as we work to digitize them and generate renderings. Beauftragter für internationale Kooperationen – Director of International Partnerships, Rathenaustraße 5–7, 35394 Gießen TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. He was the author of ''Wood, Water & Light: Classic Wooden Boats'' (Norton, 1988) with photographs by Benjamin Mendlowitz. Eine Untersuchung zu 2Thess 2,1–12 und 1Thess 4,13–5,11, WUNT 2.262, Tübingen 2009, in: Bulletin of Biblical Research 21, 2011, 128-129, Bienert, David C. / Joachim Jeska u.a. Beauftragter für internationale Kooperationen – Director of International Partnerships. Reviewing the book for The New York Times, Christopher Lehmann-Haupt called it a ''lovely work'' that was ''untainted by snobbery.'' Armin Baum und Rob van Houwelingen. ), Reactions to Empire. William Messenger. The cause was lung cancer, his son Steven said. Inspired by Ray Hunt’s STINGRAY, Joel drew this boat as an express cruiser with a turn of speed. The idea behind GRACE, the first boat of Joel White’s “Center Harbor” series, was to update L. Francis Herreshoff’s QUIET TUNE to improve her performance and make use of Brooklin Boat Yard’s skill at cold-molded construction. ), Die Verheißung des Neuen Bundes. Christoph Heilig / J. Thomas Hewitt / Michael F. Bird, WUNT 2/413, Tübingen 2016, 181-204, „He was Raised on the Third Day According to the Scriptures” (1 Corinthians 15:4). +49 641 979700, Copyright © 2018 Freie Theologische Hochschule Gießen, Hochschuldozent für Neues Testament, FTH Gießen (bzw. Tina Arnold, Giessen 2013, 265-280, The 144,000 in Revelation 7 and 14. Videos. There is a Patriot's marker with flag 1775-1783 standing beside the grave of Joel White Esq.) Eine intertextuelle Studie zur Auslegung und Fortschreibung der Paulustradition, WUNT 2.271, Tübingen 2009, in: Jahrbuch für evangelikale Theologie 24, 2010, 267-268, Zugmann, Michael, “Hellenisten” in der Apostelgeschichte. Historische und exegetische Untersuchungen zu Apg 6,1; 9,29; 11,20, WUNT 2.264, Tübingen 2009, in: Bulletin of Biblical Research 20, 2010, 603-604, Wolter, Michael, Theologie und Ethos im frühen Christentum.


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