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The right fork goes toward Kebler Pass., I started researching the location of the trees in 2017, doing the best I could to gather hints from what people posted online and looking at any online material I could find, even looking at topography maps to see if that would yield any clues. It’s a quaint town and I stopped at a cute little cafe for lunch. I drove past a particularly picturesque farmhouse and just had to stop for a picture. He has a thorough understanding of the market and the benefits and drawbacks of various locations. CO-12 climbs up and over Kebler Pass before intersecting with Highway 133. The road was in very good condition and paved part of the way. I love how it turned out! A real professional that understood us and our needs in handling a very successful sales transaction. I’ll finish this post with some Photoshop fun. The only problem: the location was a relatively well-guarded secret. The pass is just a few miles est of Crested Butte. This gorgeous trip takes motorists on a climb to over 10,000 feet between Crested Butte and Highway 133. It’s a gorgeous seasonal shortcut to Aspen. Dang it, there goes the epic intro I was hoping to have for this post. During this time, the pass is a popular route for snowmobiling. He had great follow-up during the inspection/closing process (when we were not in town) and made sure all of the commitments made by the seller were properly completed. Read more. The gravel road is open for traffic from approximately mid I switched back to my wide-angle 32-64mm lens to capture the mountains in the background along with the amazing colors. The pass then heads into the Anthracite Creek drainage and meets Highway 133 at the Paonia Dam. The area is called Horse Ranch Park. The first is Dyke Trail, which starts in the Irwin Lake area about thirty minutes outside of town. There’s just nothing like aspen trees in Colorado at the beginning of Fall/Autumn/Falltumn. You’re going to have to wait and see! Copyright © 2020 Chris Kopf Real Estate, Ltd. "The first moment we met Chris, my wife and I knew he was all about what is happening in real estate sales in Crested Butte. As I told you during my State of Travel article last week, I joined those nature lovers for a weekend trip to Colorado. The plane didn’t look or feel any different than normal, but I know the cleaning procedures American is using, which made me feel safe. This area of Colorado is very rural, with farms dotting the landscape. There is a small grove of aspen trees in a certain location in Colorado that I’ve wanted to photograph for years. There is also additional parking at the lake to the right. He was particularly helpful for this second home owner that couldn't always get there to take care of house issues. One of Dallas’s most iconic pictures, from a building reminding all of us to be thankful, even during difficult times, Saw some new numbers illustrating just how bad the recovery in the aviation sector has been. I made my way back to my Jeep Grand Cherokee but noticed a really condensed grove of aspens so I got my camera back out and walked over. I took one of the pictures I had of a condensed grove of aspens and applied a blur to it, making a really cool abstraction of fall colors and the white trunks of the aspens. You won't get nearly as much congestion as on Independence Pass in Aspen, but you get just as many yellow and amber leaves. Finding the Amazing Curved Aspens in Colorado after Three Years of Searching, I visited the Partial Reopening of Zion National Park. Ohio Creek Road to the Kebler Pass. Chris was tremendously helpful throughout the entire process and his professionalism showed. I asked her if there was actually anything at the end of the trail I was on (because I had been walking for a while) and she said there were some great views of the Mount Beckwith and the Beckwith Pass. Their brilliant shades of orange, yellow and red are certainly a sight to behold. My journey would be in a southwestern direction, so I planned on some scenic drives through places I had visited last year, namely Ohio Creek Road to Kebler Pass near Crested Butte. It’s a lovely season and the annual changing of the leaves is a wonderful catalyst for nature lovers to converge on pretty places around the USA looking for Peak Fall Colors. He knows his job, the marketplace and the innovative ways to market your home in today's electronic internet space. Chris is outstanding! The path was just as beautiful on the way down as on the way up when suddenly I heard someone yell “EXCUSE ME” from off in the distance behind me. Kebler Pass, or Gunnison County Road (GCR) 12, is an excellent place to see fall colors in Colorado. I saw a bunch of cars parked up on a hill so I turned off to join them. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | The Kebler Pass didn’t disappoint! Kebler Pass Rd (CR 12) is a great road for any vehicle. While most of Colorado’s scenery is easy on the eyes, the explosion of dominating the landscape every spring and fall on Kebler Pass is especially eye catching. ... We traveled over Kebler Pass on our journey home to the Vail Valley. I saw a path in the woods and thought to myself “hey why not go for a walk” and started walking. Remembering back to an incredible quick trip to Iceland a year ago! I stopped, parked, and grabbed my camera. Great mountain road drive, and loaded with aspen. 5. To the right, the lovely city of Crested Butte, to the left, miles of beautiful landscapes and fall colors. I went left. The primary objective of the trip was finding the curved aspens, but there was a lot of nature to drive through in the meantime, so I brought my best landscape camera equipment: my Fuji GFX100 and an assortment of lenses (32-64mm zoom, 110mm prime, 250mm prime, and a 50mm Canon tilt-shift). For more information, call 970-641-0044. Amanpuri Review: is Phuket's finest resort as good as the pictures? The second is Lost Lake Trail and begins in approximately the same location. Just nothing like fall colors on aspen trees in Colorado! To get to Kebler Pass from Crested Butte, take CO-12 (Whiterock Avenue) west out of town. Kebler Pass, or Gunnison County Road (GCR) 12, is an excellent place to see fall colors in Colorado. Email Chris The trail wasn’t difficult and the scenery was just brilliant. I then made my way north on highway 135 and turned left at Ohio Creek Road. The industry needs business, One of my favorite spots in Singapore, I love the juxtaposition between the ancient-looking foreground and extreme megalopolis of the. MTB Podcast | Best Bike Trails | Honestly the flight felt really normal. This agent has a very strong knowledge of the local area. I took out the 250mm for a 3-row panorama, which ended up being a massive 345-megapixel file approximately 94 inches by 58 inches at full resolution! 4. I then made my way north on highway 135 and turned left at Ohio Creek Road. The house sold faster then I ever expected! ANYWAY, whatever we call the season when tree leaves in pretty places turn from green to yellow to red to orange to purple to pretty much any color in between. So much fun finding little pockets of beauty like this while driving through canyons of. To get to Kebler Pass from Crested Butte, take CO-12 (Whiterock Avenue) west out of town. Contact Crested Butte Realtor, Chris Kopf at: (970) 209-5405. This database record is provided subject to “limited license” rights. Just before I got to the highway at the end of the Kebler Pass I saw an amber bed of what looked like ferns with aspens in the background. In the winter months, Kebler Pass is a popular snowmobiling route. To see featured properties or search the MLS – visit Company   We don't have any videos of this trail yet. Pretty awesome... at least, for a 2wd gravel road ride. The speed limit is just 48 kmh (30 mph), and the grades are not that steep. Providing Superior service to the Crested Butte real estate market. The gravel section of road follows the old Rio Grande Railroad grade toward Kebler Pass and the former mining camps of Irwin and Ruby, the Telco lumber camp, and the coal mining town Floresta. He gave us valuable information on which to negotiate the purchase. What I didn’t tell you is I had every intention of driving to see the curved aspens on that trip, but unfortunately my Tesla wasn’t capable of the drive due to the conditions of the road. Hundreds of prints sold, an album cover, and even a pool, Colorado bade me farewell with a lovely sunset last night.


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