the bill characters
1 Episode, Margot Leicester 1 Episode, Alan Cox PC Mike Jarvis 1 Episode, Milan Cheylov The Bill cast list, including photos of the actors when available. 1 Episode, Jane Robbins Sgt. He has also been lauded for his extensive charity work over the years, receiving an OBE in 2010 for his work with good causes. 1 Episode, Brian Murphy 1 Episode, Jessica Fox 1344 Episodes (2016-2017), Ray Ashcroft 1 Episode, Jack Morris 1 Episode, Lesley Nightingale Gina Gold Geoff McKane 1 Episode, Robin Pearce 1 Episode (2005), George Sear 1541 Episodes (2010-2017), Mark Wingett 1330 Episodes (2016-2017), Daniel Flynn 1 Episode, Sandra Huggett 1332 Episodes (2016-2017), Tom Cotcher Sgt. 1 Episode, John McArdle 1330 Episodes (2016-2017), René Zagger PC Reg Hollis 1 Episode, Paul Murton 1 Episode, Clare Higgins 2 Episodes, Cascade Brown 1 Episode, Alan Macmillan This cast list of actors from The Bill focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on The Bill that are on here as well. 1336 Episodes (2016-2017), Huw Higginson She is best... Cyril Ikechukwu Nri (born 25 April 1961) is a Nigerian British actor, writer and director who... Daniel MacPherson (born 25 April 1980) is an Australian actor and television presenter, best... Amita Emmanuelle Dhiri (born 1965 in Brighton, England) is an English actress. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. 1 Episode, Lynn Farleigh 1340 Episodes (2016-2017), Matthew Crompton 1 Episode, Arved Birnbaum 1 Episode, Lee Turnbull 1 Episode, Montanna Thompson 2 Episodes, Emily Hamilton 1330 Episodes (2016-2017), Sally Rogers 1 Episode, Saffron Coomber 1 Episode, Owen O'Neill Insp. 2 Episodes, Michael McKell DC Rod Skase Europe's premier competition returns less than two months after Bayern Munich picked up the 2019-20 title in Lisbon, but who is best equipped to win it this time? PC Honey Harman WDC Liz Rawton 1 Episode, James Booth 1 Episode, Chrissie Cotterill 1 Episode, Fiona Dolman 1 Episode, Edward Petherbridge 1 Episode, John Bowe George Stubbs 1 Episode, Eric Stoltz 1 Episode, Hayley Carmichael 1 Episode, Mo Sesay 10 Episodes, Aml Ameen 1 Episode, Jeff Rawle 1348 Episodes (2010-2017), Suzanne Maddock 1 Episode, Mark Moraghan 1 Episode, Martin Jarvis 1330 Episodes (2016-2017), Russell Floyd 1 Episode, Katy Cavanagh PC Dan Casper PC Vicky Hagen 1 Episode, Matthew Wait 1 Episode, Emily Bruni 1 Episode, Emma Amos 1330 Episodes (2016-2017), Scott Maslen Scott played ladies man Phil for five years, clocking up 240 episodes of The Bill before transferring to EastEnders as Jack Branning. 1 Episode, Ginny Holder 1333 Episodes (2016-2017), Roberta Taylor DS Debbie McAllister 1 Episode, Ryan Early 1 Episode, Emma Samms 1 Episode, Ken Bradshaw 1345 Episodes (2016-2017), Peter Ellis 1331 Episodes (2016-2017), Roger Leach 1 Episode, Tom Fisher 1 Episode, Peter Harding 1 Episode, Andy Linden Ch. The Bill is returning to TV screens 10 years after it was axed by ITV, but what happened to the much-loved stars of the original police drama. 1 Episode, Michael Tucek 16 Episodes (2010-2010), Kaye Wragg 21 Episodes, Melanie Gutteridge 1 Episode, Garry Cooper He entered Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, and lasted just under two weeks before being evicted.


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