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Both the Stratocaster and Telecaster are versatile guitars, that are suitable for a range of different music styles. Finding your next guitar is not easy either, but there’s something about a guitar that lets you know it’s the right one. The one thing all of the best beginner electric guitars have in common is that they’re budget-friendly. Buying the best guitar amp for you is pretty much the toughest gear decision any player will make. Versatile to me means the number of musical genres where a guitar would sound right in a mix. Suhr also uses a really thin finish on these guitars to allow the wood to resonate even more. Ash makes a great pounding material. Strats have 3 pickups, compared to 2 on the Tele. I like plenty of treble & cutting power for a mix, but not a 'thin' tone and must have a strong bass. And I can crack pecans with it. The first thing that struck me about the guitar was its SSCII passive 60 cycle hum reduction system that seemed amazingly quiet. I have selected guitars that are very versatile but in different ways, all of which can be bought for under $1000. Finding the right amp is crucial. My most versatile guitar is my 2019 American Professional Series Butterscotch Blonde Telecaster. https://musiccritic.com/equipment/guitars/best-electric-guitars 2 Quote; Share this post. A Godin xtSA is arguably the most versatile electric guitar, excluding boutique models such as the Robert Fripp Signature Guitar by Crimson Guitars. Link to post Share on other sites. The Suhr Classic Pro seems to be a more versatile, better-playing, and more faithful emulation of a classic Strat sound, even though it’s not made by Fender. Our top pick for the best electric guitar for beginners is the Squier Classic Vibe ‘50s Stratocaster, which plays and sounds as good as it looks, making it the ideal electric to learn guitar on. Sometimes, I made grocery money in law school. There’s just too much to consider. A most versatile guitar to me is one that is very responsive, has great dynamics & has a lot of power & volume to call upon when needed, but can be played at low volume & be sweet. playing one man band gigs with that guitar. Beyond that they vary quite wildly in terms of versatility, style and features. I've never used one though. Here’s a quick rundown. If you have found yourself wanting the most versatile guitar possible, this article is for you. The most versatile guitar I've used was a 1988 Ovation Elite. Also, I am choosing to put an emphasis on pickup configurations, seeing as that has the biggest impact on tone. In terms of versatility, it really depends what you’re after, as each guitar has certain strengths and weaknesses. Modeling guitars w/MIDI would be really versatile. It has great clean tones, it can get twangy, and it can get real crunchy. An amplifier?


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